September 8, 2012

export to Excel to cell range from SQL Server

This T-SQL script exports data from SQL Server to a specific range of cells in an Excel file:

Now verify your work using SQL Server Management Studio and run this script to select rows falling within a specific cell range in the Excel File:

September 2, 2012

Windows on Mac with Apple's Boot Camp

I'm using Apple's Boot Camp to run Windows on my Mac at native speed without the performance penalties  that come with installing a "virtual machine". Keyboard shortcut and function key mappings required minor  acclimation but Apple conveniently provides a Windows On-Screen keyboard that is accessible via the Start menu:
  1.  click Start menu
  2.  click All Programs 
  3.  click Accessories
  4.  click Accessibility
  5.  click On-Screen Keyboard 

Mac            On-Screen Keyboard
option          Alt
command     windows start menu
control         Ctrl

Screen shots
Using the On-Screen Keyboard, PrtScn takes a screenshot of the entire desktop whereas Alt+PrtScn takes a screenshot of the active window only. Since you can only use the mouse to click one key of the On-Screen Keyboard, you will need to simultaneously press the "option" key on the Mac while you click the PrtScn key with the mouse. Move the On-Screen Keyboard out of the active window so it won't appear in the screenshot.

Don't want to use the  the Windows On-Screen Keyboard for screen shots? Use the Mac keyboard  as follows:

print screen: fn + F11
print active window only: option + fn + F11